About us

ICAEA is a non-profit computer auditing qualification association established in Canada in 2012. With 18 international representatives around the world, we provide online trainings leading to computer auditing certifications (16 CPE each) that are internationally recognized.


  • to give the potential computer auditors an overview of the main activities of computer audit and the role of computer auditor

  • to assist the potential computer auditors to become successful computer auditors

  • to define the competency of a computer auditor

  • to define the learning map of a computer auditor

  • to evaluate the professional quality of a computer auditor


Our mission is to train and qualify professionals and students to automate their audit, governance, risk and compliance assignments using the latest high-tech


Our vision is to be one of the main leaders in the field of computer auditing and data automation at practice

A letter from the chairman of the Middle East chapter /Prof. Ezz Hatab

As I reflect upon this year, I am immensely proud of the progress of our chapter in the Middle East. I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the local chapter chairs, our members and industry partners for all their contributions to the chapter’s growth over the past year.

ICAEA ME Chapter continued to spread the culture of data analytics among the professional as well as students’ communities. The chapter provided access to valuable CAATS tools i.e., Galvanize/ACL and training services to the audit community. In addition, ICAEA ME Chapter continues to offer diverse training through seminars, workshops, contests and online webinars. More than 300 students and professionals have participated in our live webinars and workshops. About 35 professionals have got the ICCP certificates and became certificated members. In addition to Jordan, ICAEA ME Chapter launched new local chapters in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Oman. This year ICAEA ME Chapter has conducted the regional CAATs Contest for universities. The contest has been successfully conducted in Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Bahrain, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Iraq. About 228 students in 76 teams have participated in the contest.